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We are super excited to share our Christmas stockings with you.  From the most popular items sold on our website, to our editors personal picks.. we’ve hopefully got the item for you!  Here in our Christmas shop you’ll find some Gift ideas for that special person in your life.

Christmas Gift Ideas 2016

From our family to yours, Happy Holiday Shopping!

Bummis Circus & Vintage Robot are Here!

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We are super excited to announce one of the cutest prints (in our opinion) from Bummis – Circus and Vintage Robot!  We will be carrying them in the Bummis Potty Pant and the Bummis Simply Lite Cloth Diaper Cover.


The Circus print is an adorable, colourful collection of circus animals – lions, horses, bears, seals, elephants and clowns whimsically appearing to perform circus acts amidst a neutral grey background.  The colour scheme matches many of the more popular colours this season such as the beloved Bummis teal, kiwi green (yes – there are also kiwi’s appearing on this cover too), orange and red – matching many adorable outfits for your little one’s wardrobe.  The Bummis Simply Lite Cover is shown below, it’s fashionably functional.

Bummis-Swatch-CircusAAlong with this adoreable print comes the Vintage Robot Print.  The Bummis Potty Pant is featured below in this print with colourfully, adoreable robots in lime greens, yellow, oranges, maroon, grey and cream which again – match most colours trending today.  The robots are kid friendly with smiles, bright buttons, clocks, and nuts roaming in front of a cream coloured background.  The Bummis Potty Pant in Vintage Robots have the sides in a solid lime / kiwi green.  Vintage meets cuteness.


Next comes something entirely NEW to Nature Bumz Co. – the Bummis UV Tee line!  Last year we brought in the Bummis Tankini and they were a huge success – pairing with the Bummis Swimmi, both of these swim products match many swim diapers on the market today!  We are especially excited about these protective swim diaper accessory as they protect your little one from the harmful UV rays of the sun as they come down to most baby & toddlers elbows.  The Bummis UV Tee’s come in orange, turquoise and aqau (with seaspray arms), and are super adorable for the beach or anywhere!


Our Bummis Bio-liners in size Small and Large are also re-stocked.  These are the most amazing products for when you are out or when you want to cloth diaper in hospital for your newborns’ first meconium *poops*.  It’s one of our go-to products for when baby might have a bowel movement or when you need to use a diaper rash cream on baby to protect your cloth diaper.


More products that we love were also re-stocked, our famous Bummis Fleece Liners (yes they are reusable), Tonnes of Swim Diapers (Bubbles, Clown Fish, Koi Pond, and so many more), Bummis Unbleached Cotton Wipes, Potty Pants, Simply Lites, and more.

And of course these adoreable prints, fabrics, covers, pants and more are produced right here in Canada in the Bummis Facotory: Montreal, Quebec.  Not only do they cut, prepare, sew and make their products with love, they spend countless hours making sure their products are perfect for the precious bottoms they are designed for. You could definitely call it a labour of love.


Limited Edition TokiDoki Prints are Here!

They’re here!….  But only while supplies last!

We welcome the adoreable TokiJoy and TokiSweet Prints collaboration from JuJube and Kanga Care.  These prints are available on the G2 One-Size Pocket Cloth Diaper from Rumparooz and are super cute.  What’s your take on these new adoreable prints from JuJube?


New AMP Diaper Shipment

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We’re excited to be bringing in the new Melody Print by AMP Diapers!  Along with Melody we are also restocking most of our Bamboo and 2ply Hemp Cloth Diaper Inserts, Cloth Diaper Sprayers and a few other prints including Little Trunks.


One of our favourite cloth diaper inserts are AMP Diapers Bamboo and hemp 2ply inserts being that you can use them in almost ANY cloth diaper cover – including AppleCheeks!  Not only that, but when the AMP Diapers Hemp 2ply inserts are paired with microfiber – they make an amazing overnight solution for heavy wetters.  What is YOUR favourite Cloth Diaper Insert?


Applecheeks Nursing Scarf Giveaway!

It’s almost time for our 5th Year Anniversary and we’re excited to celebrate by giving away a beautiful AppleCheek Nursing scarf in Purple!  To enter place an order of $100.00 or more and EACH TIME you’ll be entered x3 times to win from now until August 31st, 2015!


Other Ways to Enter:

1.  Add us on Facebook for 1 Entry.

2.  Add us on Twitter for 1 Entry.

3.  Add us on Pinterest for 1 Entry.

4.  Leave us a Review on Facebook for 2 Entries!

5.  Add Nature Bumz to your Facebook page favourites and keep updated with our status for 2 Entries!

We want to thank you all for supporting small businesses like ours and can’t wait to celebrate 5 years with you October 10th, 2015!  Good luck!

Welcome AppleCheeks New Prints Irrelephant and Parade!

We are excited to be carrying the latest prints from AppleCheeks here at Nature Bumz Co. and they can’t wait to make an appearance in your home!  Welcome Irrelephant and Parade!  From a long anticipated special #ACSafari, AppleCheeks Cloth Diaper ambassadors received the new print in a zebra patterned wrapping paper – unable to open until May 28th (today!).


Even AppleCheek Cloth Diapers Dropped a few hints of what the prints might look like….


Fans and Ambassadors were then taking loads of pictures in the AppleCheeks Safari Event Page where the reveal is happening and had us guessing – was it going to be of the desert? Sea? Rainforest? etc.  AppleCheeks even gave us a few hints with the cover picture of the #ACSafari Reveal Event Page being a beautiful African scene with an elephant, gazelles, zebra & giraffe:


And now the moment we’ve all been waiting for… *drumroll* – the *NEW* prints from AppleCheeks are adorable elephants decorated in some beautiful hues or oranges, reds, greens and blues.  We *LOVE* the new AppleCheeks Cloth Diapers Prints in Irrelephant & Parade!  One of our favourite prints so far…  What is YOUR favourite AppleCheek Print?


And for those AppleCheeks Fans.. here’s the awesome video!  Check it out:

Kanga Care colour reveal of Dandelion, Orchid & Poppy!

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Rumparooz has announced three new colours to their line-up, dandelion, orchid, & poppy!  We are excited to be carrying these beautiful summer beauties in the Rumparooz G2 one-size cloth diapers.


Dandelion is a bold and beautiful shade of buttery yellow which embodies richness and in ancient depictions gold.  It’s slightly different from the Sunshine (yellow) Rumparooz cloth diaper colour, with a more golden touch.  The difference of the two Rumparooz Cloth Diaper colours can be found below:


Orchid is a more royal shade of purple which also shows signs of wealth, grandeur, pride, mystery and independence.  The rumparooz cloth diaper colour Amethyst (purple) already existing in the line-up varies in being brighter version as you can see below.  Kanga Care’s *NEW* cloth diaper colour Orchid is a trend-setting colour and found in a lot of baby’s fashion this summer…

Rumparooz-Graphic-AmethystvsorchidAAnd finally the latest colour similar to the beautiful Rumparooz cloth diaper colour crimson (red), poppy is released!  Poppy is a rumparooz new colour more orange in nature and this red is associated with pleasure and remembrance.  It is also one of the most current trend setting colours and will go with many outfits you may already have!  Check out the difference between the Rumparooz existing cloth diaper colour crimson and the NEW Kanga Care colour Poppy below…

Rumparooz-Graphic-CrimsonvspoppyA We love everything about Kanga Care & Rumparooz Cloth Diaper products and have a full stock of these new colours among many of the latest adorable prints they’ve had to offer more recently…

Tell us – what is YOUR favourite Rumparooz print or colour?

Amazing Sloomb Sale in Canada

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We’re having a HUGE sale on Sloomb Wool Diaper Covers, Underwoolies, Overnight Bamboo Fleece Fitted Diapers and Special Chevies Print Fitted Diapers… we have a limited supply of most items Sloomb and will be clearing them out to make room for more inventory!


Sloomb Knit Wool Diaper Covers:  We love our Sloomb Wool Diaper Covers for overnight cloth diapering solutions, as well as for our heavy wetters.  It’s a great addition to any cloth diapering stash, not to mention how adorable they look on baby and toddler alike.  Regularly $ 47.00 on sale NOW $ 45.00. 


Sloomb Overnight Bamboo Fleece Fitted Cloth Diapers:  These fitted cloth diapers are designed for more than just an overnight powerhouse diaper, they are also pretty excellent choices for daytime use, heavy wetters and work amazing when paired with knit wool diaper covers or underwoolies. Among these Fitted Diapers there are also a few special chevies left, while supplies last.  Regularly $ 30.00  on Sale NOW $22.00!

Overnight-Fitteds And finally one of our personal potty training favourites, Sloomb Underwoolies:  These underwoolies work well with our Ecoposh training pants, but are also an excellent choice when paired with virtually any potty training pant requiring additional absorbency or under underwear itself.  Not only are they designed to be used for potty training and light cloth diapering absorbency, they are also a great looking outfit for your toddler when they are potty trained.  Regularly $42.00 almost HALF price NOW $ 28.00!


We hope you love this sale!  Again these deals are on while supplies last!  Enjoy!