Guest Post: I Am So Addicted to AppleCheeks Cloth Diapers by Michelle Lang Standring

Nature Bumz recently posted a Guest Post Blog Contest. Michelle has taken the time to write an entry for the contest and answered this question: “I am so addicted to ________ brand of cloth diapers.” Michelle also has a wonderful blog. Good luck Michelle!

If you are a new parent, testing out the waters of current trends in parenting, I am sure you have come across your share of cloth diapers companies. Being an eco-enthusiast, I knew that cloth diapering was a decision that was not only responsible for our planet, but also great in terms of the benefits it would have for our new son.

Now let me tell you that cloth is not created equal. Luckily, I had only tried one other brand before coming to AppleCheeks. This brand, which shall remain nameless, was bulky, hard to use, didn’t fit right and leaked constantly. Now, I’m sure with a little effort I *probably* could have made it work. But after talking to some mother friends of mine, they suggested buying a few AppleCheeks to try before I completely abandoned my quest in reducing landfill waste. Ahh…. AppleCheeks. This is where the love affair started. The ease of use, the colours, and the company made it a very simple to literally toss-out disposables and embrace cloth diapering.

Currently I would consider myself an AppleCheeks addict. I’m a member of the Facebook group to prove it. My stash has ballooned from those initial 3 covers and 9 inserts to a current total of 31 covers, 40 + inserts, bamboo boosters and fleece boosters in 8 short weeks. I look at my diaper drawer, or a clothes line full of my collection, and smile. I am constantly on the lookout for giveaways, contests, and kijiji ads. I Tweet, Instagram, and post frequently on Facebook groups about my addiction. Oh, the AppleCheek rainbow? Well I have it memorized. I know that Storm, Appletini, and Cherry Tomato are here to stay but if you were to land yourself an Orange Zest, Plum or Sailor Blue, you’d be very lucky indeed. I am even up-to-date on my AppleCheeks news. Did you know that they were having a charity auction for Free the Children, or that they are coming out with another limited release colour? I do, because I am an addict.

So newbie parents, I hope that you hop on the bandwagon called cloth diapering. Try out different brands and see what works best for you. But, if you’re like me and come to embrace AppleCheeks as your go to cloth diaper, I’ll see you on the message boards! Once you start, there is no going back.