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Brian Cline is the Marketing Director of Nature Bumz and father of two young boys, and a girl that have all worn cloth diapers, and husband to Crystal Cline. Brian often interacts with fans on the Nature Bumz Facebook wall and with our followers on twitter.

Kanga Care colour reveal of Dandelion, Orchid & Poppy!

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Rumparooz has announced three new colours to their line-up, dandelion, orchid, & poppy!  We are excited to be carrying these beautiful summer beauties in the Rumparooz G2 one-size cloth diapers.


Dandelion is a bold and beautiful shade of buttery yellow which embodies richness and in ancient depictions gold.  It’s slightly different from the Sunshine (yellow) Rumparooz cloth diaper colour, with a more golden touch.  The difference of the two Rumparooz Cloth Diaper colours can be found below:


Orchid is a more royal shade of purple which also shows signs of wealth, grandeur, pride, mystery and independence.  The rumparooz cloth diaper colour Amethyst (purple) already existing in the line-up varies in being brighter version as you can see below.  Kanga Care’s *NEW* cloth diaper colour Orchid is a trend-setting colour and found in a lot of baby’s fashion this summer…

Rumparooz-Graphic-AmethystvsorchidAAnd finally the latest colour similar to the beautiful Rumparooz cloth diaper colour crimson (red), poppy is released!  Poppy is a rumparooz new colour more orange in nature and this red is associated with pleasure and remembrance.  It is also one of the most current trend setting colours and will go with many outfits you may already have!  Check out the difference between the Rumparooz existing cloth diaper colour crimson and the NEW Kanga Care colour Poppy below…

Rumparooz-Graphic-CrimsonvspoppyA We love everything about Kanga Care & Rumparooz Cloth Diaper products and have a full stock of these new colours among many of the latest adorable prints they’ve had to offer more recently…

Tell us – what is YOUR favourite Rumparooz print or colour?

Amazing Sloomb Sale in Canada

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We’re having a HUGE sale on Sloomb Wool Diaper Covers, Underwoolies, Overnight Bamboo Fleece Fitted Diapers and Special Chevies Print Fitted Diapers… we have a limited supply of most items Sloomb and will be clearing them out to make room for more inventory!


Sloomb Knit Wool Diaper Covers:  We love our Sloomb Wool Diaper Covers for overnight cloth diapering solutions, as well as for our heavy wetters.  It’s a great addition to any cloth diapering stash, not to mention how adorable they look on baby and toddler alike.  Regularly $ 47.00 on sale NOW $ 45.00. 


Sloomb Overnight Bamboo Fleece Fitted Cloth Diapers:  These fitted cloth diapers are designed for more than just an overnight powerhouse diaper, they are also pretty excellent choices for daytime use, heavy wetters and work amazing when paired with knit wool diaper covers or underwoolies. Among these Fitted Diapers there are also a few special chevies left, while supplies last.  Regularly $ 30.00  on Sale NOW $22.00!

Overnight-Fitteds And finally one of our personal potty training favourites, Sloomb Underwoolies:  These underwoolies work well with our Ecoposh training pants, but are also an excellent choice when paired with virtually any potty training pant requiring additional absorbency or under underwear itself.  Not only are they designed to be used for potty training and light cloth diapering absorbency, they are also a great looking outfit for your toddler when they are potty trained.  Regularly $42.00 almost HALF price NOW $ 28.00!


We hope you love this sale!  Again these deals are on while supplies last!  Enjoy!


Giveaway #1

To celebrate our 4th Anniversary we are having a SALE and giving away lots of wonderful products on facebook today October 10, 2014!  We want to thank YOU are customers, fans and friends for supporting us and making us the store we are today these 4 wonderful years!  We’re so proud to be supporting Canadian and American businesses alike and hope we can continue to keep providing you with the best possible service, products & cloth diapering support that we can.  Here is our first giveaway on facebook.  Feel free to add us as a fan if you aren’t a fan already and comment under the picture linked below (ON the facebook page) to enter.  Thank you and good luck!


A bundle of joy for the Clines

We’re excited to be back in the showroom after a while of time with our latest bundle of joy! We welcomed Elizabeth-Ann Victoria Cline on July 23rd, 2014 weighing 9lbs 11oz (our biggest baby yet).

Elizabeth is feature in the GroVia Newborn All-in-One Diaper here.

Elizabeth is feature in the GroVia Newborn All-in-One Diaper here.

With this bundle we’ve been doing some newborn cloth diaper photo shoots and so much more to bring you the best cloth diaper information possible.

Elizabeth in her Rumparooz Cloth Diaper Cover & a GroVia Prefold!

Elizabeth in her Rumparooz Cloth Diaper Cover & a GroVia Prefold!

Crystal here – and I apologize that we have run short of a few things, but hopefully we’ll be fully stocked in time for the new year. We’ve received our latest shipment of The Laundry Tarts, AppleCheeks, & GroVia is on it’s way. We’re so thankful for your business over these last few years and cannot wait for new products and developments coming in the future! Get ready to celebrate our 4th year in business on October 10th, 2014 an Anniversary sale and fun. Tell us… what is YOUR favourite NatureBumz.com product?

How to Use your GroVia All-in-One Cloth Diapers

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GroVia created a video on how to use their GroVia All-in-one Diapers and we’re excited to be sharing it with you.  The GroVia All-in-One diapers are a great modern choice for those who are new to cloth diapering, care-givers, and is the next thing to a disposable diaper – but made from soft, absorbent and safe materials designed for your babies bum.


How to Use your GroVia All-in-One, One-Size Cloth Diaper:

Adjust the rise snaps as required and fasten on baby.



Use the snap in Soaker (included) for older babies or heavy wetters.


When soiled Start with a Fresh Cloth Diaper.

GroVia has broken down these steps for you in a beautiful video featuring the owner of GroVia, Kim Ormsby alongside her adoreable baby North.

GroVia All In One Cloth Diaper from GroVia on Vimeo.

How to Wash Your Cloth Diapers

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Here’s a great Tip Sheet for washing your cloth diapers.  If you follow these basic tips / directions, you should be able to develop your own wash routine specific for your cloth diapering needs.

**Rule of Thumb: Unbleached Organic Cotton / Hemp / Bamboo & All Natural Materials must be washed 5-8 times prior to initial use.  Prewash all other synthetic fibers only once before use.  This maximizes absorbency.**


1.  REMOVE solids with a diaper sprayer / flushable liners and place cloth diapers in a wet bag, or diaper pail.

2.  MAXIMUM water level.  Run the cloth diapers through a pre-wash / rinse cycle using warm or cold water to remove the nasties.  (use only cold or warm water for this stage as hot water may set stains should they form).

3.  HOT water wash.  Wash your cloth diapers in hot water following the detergent manufacturers guidelines on their package.  We recommend The Laundry Tarts Detergent or Rockin’ Green Detergent.  (if you have soft water use a little less detergent, if you have hard water use either a detergent formulated for hard water, or add a water softening agent).  (We recommend Rockin’ Green Hard Rock or Soft Rock Formulas for specific water types).  • Don’t know what type of water you have?  You can purchase a water quality test strip to determine if you have hard, normal, or soft water.

4.  SECOND rinse cycle.  Run a second rinse cycle to avoid detergent build-up should there be any.

5.  TUMBLE dry or hang your cloth diapers.  Hanging covers are the NatureBumz.com way of drying (usually takes a quick 1-2 hours depending on the brand / type of cloth diaper) and fluffing/tumble drying inserts help to maintain absorbency.

**Natural Stain Removal: Sunning a diaper (laying it out in the sun for 1-2 hours after washing and before drying) is a great way to remove stains naturally.  If you need a little more stain removing power, try the Bunchafarmers or The Laundry Tarts Sweet Spot Stain Removing Sticks (they work amazing!).**


Welcome AppleCheeks New Colour • RipTide

AppleCheeks-Baby-RipTideAs the beach party continues on AppleCheeks Event Page, we’re happy to announce that we’re accepting PRE-ORDERS of the *NEW* AppleCheek Cover in RipTide!  Please do allow 3-4 weeks for delivery to our showroom from AppleCheek Headquarters.  Enjoy some of these adoreable babes in the NEW AppleCheek Diaper Cover in RipTide!


Tell us… what are YOUR thoughts on the NEW AppleCheeks RipTide Colour?