Camping and Cloth Diapering?

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We’ve had many questions about cloth diapering while camping and although it may take an extra few minutes to wash cloth diapers when you’re camping or on vacation, it’s not only rewarding (when you see those lovely cloth diapers air drying in the wind), but better for the environment, your babies health and of course.. look much cuter!  Here are a few items you’ll need to help make things run more smoothly when you are away from home:

A List of Items You Can Use to Cloth Diaper While you are Camping:

Cloth Diaper Washing Items for Camping

1.  Cloth Diapers.  (I suggest using flats and prefolds if you are away for a long time with covers or pockets as a cover, as they are super easy to clean and drying time is minimal!  Covers can be reused many times and require minimal washing)  You’ll need enough cloth diapers for your time away, so estimate the amounts you generally use and perhaps a few more if you are going away for a longer time.

2.  Cloth Wipes or Disposable Wipes.  Depending on where you are going, you may find it more useful to take cloth wipes with you – especially if you have limited access to garbage.  They can easily be washed with your cloth diapers and take very little time drying if hung up.  Using a wipes solution such as Sheepish Grins Sensitive Skin Foaming Diaper Wipes Solution will help to clean up those harder to clean poops.

3.  2-3 Wet Bags.  Wet Bags will help you contain your cloth diapers until you are ready to wash them.  Whether you are going for a shorter trip (4-5 days) and have enough diapers – you may be able to get away with not having to wash your diapers until you get home.  But for those who are going away longer, having 2 or more wet bags help separate your clean diapers from your wet ones.

Additional Items you’ll need if you are Washing Your Diapers at the Campsite:

4.  A pail or wash basin & Scrub Brush.  You can use a pail you have at home, or pick up a wash basin at your local dollar store – this is for washing your cloth diapers (should you not have access to a laundromat or facilities where you are camping).  The Scrub brush is to help with those tough stains that you may have when out.

5.  Some cloth diaper safe, environmentally friendly detergent.  This is especially important if the only access you have is a stream or lake, you don’t want to pollute the stream / lake you are washing your cloth diapers in with harmful chemicals as in mainstream detergents, so be sure to choose an eco-friendly detergent that won’t harm local wildlife.  (This is for the roughest of campers, as most campsites do offer water access).  Again, you’ll want to keep it as natural as possible.

6.  A Clothesline and pins to hang your cloth diapers.  This is especially useful if there are no available laundry facilities to do your cloth diaper wash in. Any type of heavy twine or string will do :)  It will also be useful for swimsuits, towels, or other clothing that may get soiled.

7. A Water Hardness Test Kit (Optional).  Great for testing what type of water your diapers will be washed in (not mandatory .. but if you have it, it could help determine the amount of detergent you should or shouldn’t use – hard water – use less detergent, soft water use more detergent, and in between use the regular amount of detergent you generally use.

**For those who love their pocket diapers, you may want to invest in a disposable insert such as the Charlie Banana Disposable Inserts, for those times you won’t want to deal with poop, and may allow you to reuse the diaper a few times between changes.  But again, if you have limited access to garbage, having those smelly inserts lying around in a garbage bag till you are able to get rid of them aren’t a cup of tea, and you’ll have to be careful to keep them away from wildlife that may have a tendency to get into your garbage.**

Again, cloth diapering should be a rewarding experience, and if you’re prepared with the items you need, and keep organized, it will help your changes goes smoothly during your trip!  Another tip is to prepare a change station you’ll be changing baby at within your campsite – someplace you feel comfortable changing baby.  It could be the back of your vehicle, a picnic table, or even on a tent floor.  Keep all items you’ll need through the change at reach in your change area – such as wipes, your wet bags, bum creams, change pad, etc.  To give you an idea of what we at Nature Bumz Co. do.. we have a nice van we have space at the back, and I place a blanket, change pad, wet bags, and little wicker basket of all the items we need while changing.  It keeps things in order and helps you maintain your sanity when Camping with little children :)  I hope this helps!  Happy Cloth Diapering!