Stripping Cloth Diapers in the Dishwasher

Lately, I have been seeing many posts about stripping cloth diapers in the dishwasher and hearing stories of success. There are a few reasons that stripping your cloth diapers in the dishwasher is not a good idea.

  • Should any of the inserts, doublers or etc fall onto the heating element there will be at least burn marks, possibly a fire, or a dead dishwasher as a result. If you decide to use the dishwasher make certain that you have used diaper pins or some other fastener to secure the diapers or liners to the the top rack.
  • Dishwashers are specially designed to wash dishes and not clothes. Your little one poops or pees in their diapers, would you want to eat off of plates that smell like ammonia and may be contaminated?
  • Many manufacturers of cloth diapers and appliances will void their warranty as soon as they have determined you have put your cloth diapers in the dishwasher.
  • Snaps may melt, Elastics may degrade, and PUL/TPU may start to delaminate if your dishwasher uses very hot water.
  • Some dishwashers do not heat the water any better than your washing machine does. Much better results may be achievable by turning up your water heater some, or adding boiling water to the washer.

Always remember, that you should contact the store that has sold you your cloth diapers if you are needing assistance with problems. Here at Nature Bumz, we are more than happy to assist our customers that are having problems with their cloth diapers.

  • shannon baka

    If you are careful and keep an eye on things the dishwasher is the easiest way to strip your inserts. Why add harsh chemicals to your diapers and the environment for that matter, if a few runs through the dishwasher will take care of your ammonia problems? The hot water temperature and the forced water pressure is what gets them so clean. If you are worried about your plates smelling like ammonia and being contaminated then you need to get your dishwasher fixed. Ecoli from the raw chicken on a plate will make you sick before washing diapers in your dishwasher would.

    • Crystal Cline

      I would be careful though of voiding manufacturer warranty’s on both your dishwasher as well as the diapers you are using in your dishwasher.

      We’re just saying in the interest of many who do cloth diaper it’s generally not a good practice to be putting them in the dishwasher.

      There are many other ways to get rid of ammonia problems without using harsh chemicals or a dishwasher for that matter. My suggestion is that if you have issues with ammonia.. there is something that may be wrong with a wash routine which can be rectified sometimes as simple as adding more detergent / etc… Personally I think that ecoli from raw chicken is completely different than fecal matter or urine running through before/after plates you actually eat off of go through – realistically sanitize cycles on dishwashers still only catch 99.8% of germs… I would hate for my child to be that .2% getting sick from putting my diapers in the dishwasher:(

  • Melanie

    Why not save energy *and* water? If this is your method, just switch to stovetop boiling.