AppleCheeks Announces New Limited Edition Colour Purple Rain!

At 12 pm Eastern, in Montreal, Quebec, AppleCheeks announced a new limited editon colour to its line of Envelope Diaper Covers and Little Bundles.

AppleCheeks Purple Rain Envelope Cover

AppleCheeks Purple Rain cover in all of her glory. Available from Nature Bumz.

Purple Rain is a purple colour, similar to the AppleCheeks Plum colour. The naming of Purple Rain comes from the name of Princes’ song Purple Rain which tied in very well the AppleCheeks kickin’ it old school contest. One lucky winner, will be announced in the next few days by AppleCheeks. Jennifer, a fan of AppleCheeks, produced a list and picture of all AppleCheeks colours.

For more information, or to purchase a Purple Rain visit the Envelope Diaper Covers and Little Bundles pages.