Guest Post: Why I Chose Cloth by Julie Veenstra

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Cloth diapers! Never thought I’d be getting back into all this stuff, but here I am! My son, Samuel, is 5 and a half months old now. At first, I thought “I am crazy to be doing these cloth diapers!” The first week back from the hospital was a real adjustment. I am used to little sleep, and being busy, but this was a whole new level of being busy and no sleep! Feeding every two hours, and he was a SLOW eater at first. So, the first week I did not do cloth diapers. And I was tempted not to switch.

Maybe I had the wrong disposable diapers, or maybe I wasn’t doing something right, but after three “leaky diapers”, I figured I’d try to be a bit more diligent with the cloth diapers. I had to remind myself again why I choose cloth in the first place….

My initial goals were to save money, be “green”, and to give my son the healthiest options that I was able to give. Saving money was the easy part! I got all my cloth diapers second hand, and so for a less than $200, I have all I need for my sons diaper years. Even if I purchased the diapers all new, it still would have been cheaper than disposables, and we can save them for future use (maybe!). Also, I use a laundry product that is very easy on our clothes, but tough on the stains, so the diapers are holding up VERY well. I was told they might last a few washes! I bought them used with a few little tears in them. But they are not much worse for wear after 5 full months of use! Each diaper is washed 2-4 times a week!

Some people say that the increased loads of laundry with cloth diapers does not balance out the savings or the green initiative. However, I use an HE front loader, so the water and detergent usage is much less than a top loader. Also, I usually hang my laundry either outside or on a clothes rack. And, I throw in the diapers with my towels load, or with my whites. Works just fine, and hasn’t dramatically increased my laundry load!

To give my son the healthiest option I could meant doing my best to keep him away from chemicals. Honestly, when I tried the disposables, he had a rash. When I went to the bamboo cloth diaper with the MotherEase breathable diaper cover, never a rash! AND, NEVER A LEAK!! I LOVE these diapers. I “double diaper” him at night, and he’s never leaked through, even though he sleeps 10-12 hours straight. Yes, he is a very good boy ☺

I simply love the Shaklee Fresh Laundry Concentrate for my cloth diapers. I use it for my husbands incredibly “could grow plants with the dirt in those pants” clothes, my 14 year old’s “we played aussie-ball at school today” white school shirts, and my step sons “scared to look in the pockets because animals are usually in there” pants!

Stains? No problem. I usually can get everything out by using the Fresh Laundry as a prespotter. If I can’t get something out, I soak it for a few days in Shaklee Nature Bright. If it’s a white shirt or really dirty diaper, that usually takes care of the stain completely. I also do hang the clothes in the sun when I can, so that helps make everything bright white again, too.

I have had only success with using Shaklee Fresh Laundry, Nature Bright booster and Soft Fabric Concentrate with my bamboo cloth diapers! And, I haven’t had to use it, but occasionally I will put the Shaklee Organic Diaper Rash cream on Sam, and it also has not effected the absorbency of the diapers at all. Like I said, NO LEAKS so far!!

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