Fuzzibunz – Microfiber or Minky Inserts?

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We are super excited about the *NEW* Fuzzibunz® Elite Cloth Diaper inserts changing from Microfiber to Minky!

If you have purchased a Fuzzibunz® Elite one-size cloth diaper you will notice that the 2 inserts included are made of a super soft and absorbent minky material!  We have taken the time to test and see if these inserts are really better than their well known and trusted Microfiber counterpart on our own little bumz bums.

Fuzzibunz Elite One-Size versus Fuzzibunz Original One-Size TagsFirst to our surprise, we really had our doubts about whether minky was the way to go – as we thought – why change an awesome cloth diaper which already works for most parents for overnight diapering?  Leave it to one of our favourite manufacturers Fuzzibunz® to put our minds at ease.  After trying out the changes for overnight with the *NEW* FuzziBunz® Minky Inserts, the diaper absorbency was almost equal to or greater than the microfiber ones.

Minky and Microfiber ComparisonUpon many weeks of use we were happy to find that the Fuzzibunz® Minky inserts were actually trimmer than the Fuzzibunz® Microfiber inserts and extremely absorbent!  We also found after washing, when we line dried the Fuzzibunz® Minky Inserts, they weren’t AS stiff as the microfiber would tend to be, and felt softer to the touch (no fluff cycle needed in the dryer).  The Fuzzibunz® Minky Inserts have also stained less easier than the Fuzzibunz® Microfiber inserts – especially for parents of newborns with those dark or seedy poops.  The Minky seem to have the fibers to be able to brush away most of the poopies – which means less staining.

Fuzzibunz Minky Diaper InsertsThe softness of the Fuzzibunz® Minky Inserts couldn’t compare to the touch of the Microfiber, even after being washed multiple times.  Another thing we have noticed with prolonged use, the Fuzzibunz® Minky Inserts are virtually odour resistant – meaning the ammonia build up you can get with using microfiber should not occur (we have been using these inserts for about 8 months now or more and have not noticed that ammonia smell that we have found when using the FuzziBunz® Microfiber inserts).  And of course we are very glad to see that the FuzziBunz® Minky Diaper Inserts have a large Tag that distinguishes between other inserts of the same type (important when stuffing your Fuzzibunz® Pocket Diapers).
Fuzzibunz Cloth Diapers Tag

We knew that many of our customers have been using and loving their original Fuzzibunz® One-Size Diapers for quite some time (with the microfiber inserts), so we wanted to know what parents thought of the change.  When asked many parents who have tried both there was a mixed reaction.  The many parents we have talked with state that they enjoy the change and think the Fuzzibunz® Elite One-Size Diapers are trimmer and more absorbent than that of their microfiber original one-size diaper, but again there were some that preferred the original microfiber.

FuzziBunz Microfiber Diaper Insert

FuzziBunz® has confirmed that their minky inserts are much better and innovative for their Elite One-Size Diapers, being odour resistant, super soft to the touch, having less staining and wear, absorbency without added bulk, and a more pleasant feel to the touch in general.   We have yet to also try the *NEW* FuzziBunz® Organic Cotton inserts, which many parents say are excellent for nighttime diapering as a doubler!  For more information, feel free to search our products page about each type ofinsert.

We give these inserts an B+ as we have found that they do perform to what they boast, but some parents still love the old original versions which is why we rated the Fuzzibunz® Minky Diaper Inserts a B+ instead of an A.